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How to Make a Sears Credit card Payment by Telephone is easy, but it takes a little bit of work. Follow these easy steps to get up and running as soon as possible.

Go to your Sears home page. Choose the ‹Pay Your Bill Online‬ option from your home page menu. Enter your user name and password on the user confirmation page, click the ‣Sign Up Now!› button, and you are ready to sign up. Choose your payment method: check card, credit card, money order, or cashier's check.

When you choose your payment option, give your customer a card and insert it into a reader located in the front of your store. Then, insert the customer's card number into the terminal. If you have two or more terminals, insert the card numbers into each machine separately, then click on the link next to the name of the card to request a confirmation.

If your customer is paying with a check, you may need to call in your customer directly, instead of using an online system. Call the customer and ask them where they got their check and make sure that they're not a victim of identity theft. Then you'll need to give your customer a special card to be inserted into the terminal.

Enter the customer's name and card number into the terminal, click the button to confirm, then you'll need to enter the customer's account number to complete the transaction. Once the customer is done paying for their item, they will hand you their card. You'll need to then put the customer's card back into the terminal and write down their customer number for your records.

It's simple, quick, and very secure – just about the perfect way to do a credit card payment! !

While Sears cards are accepted in all stores, not all credit cards are. So if your customer does not accept the Sears credit card you are using, you may want to ask them to call customer service and find out what other credit card brands they accept at their store.

It's fairly easy to do a Sears card payment over the phone. There's no need to use cash, so you won't have to wait around until the bank opens. to receive your payment! If you're using a credit card, all you'll have to do is insert your customer's card number and enter their account number in the keypad on the terminal and your customer is ready to pay you right then and . . . . . . there.

Sears card payment is a smart solution if you need to make a fast, convenient, credit card payment at a time when you need to. !

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