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Citibank is the largest consumer division of international financial institution, multinational Citigroup. Citibank was established in 1812 as first City Bank of New York bank and later became First National City Bank of New York later. Citibank has branches in all fifty states and the investment banking division is called Citibank Financial Products. The lender has various products and services for the customers to choose from. These products and services are in different categories, with the main one being loans.

Any customer who wishes to apply for a loan from Citibank must complete a form entitled “subject research”. This subject research comprises the basic information about the credit worthiness of the applicant. Citibank will consider the subjects research and the completeness of documentation submitted by the applicants when deciding whether or not to approve the application. Citibank may also review incomplete information provided by the customer and may deny the application if it finds out that the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete.

Citibank's institutional training initiative is conducted annually. Citibank's Educational Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for the educational materials and informational web sites that Citibank uses in carrying out its subject research program. Citibank's educational materials and web sites provide information on their various products and services. Citibank's website also features the Annual Credit Report, which provides a list of all current credit accounts and information about individual credit accounts. The Annual Credit Report also includes an account summary page that lists information about each account, including the current balance, number of days it has been active, current loan amount, rate of interest applicable to the loan, the outstanding principal, balance, and the status of the account as of the last day of the year.

The second module on Citibank's website is the Citibank Internet bank. This module is designed to allow the researchers to choose a suitable Citibank bank that they can access from the Internet. Upon logging in at the Citibank Internet bank, the user name of the user is required, along with a password that the user will create at the first click of the mouse. A user name and password are sent to the email address specified by the researcher after he has logged in using the Citibank Internet bank module. Upon registering at the Citibank Internet bank, a Citibank representative will send the user a welcome e-mail.

The third module on the Citibank's website is a list of recently completed citi training and workshops. Upon clicking on the “training” or “workshops” module, the user will be asked to browse through the list . . . . . . of workshops organized by Citibank. A brief overview of the selected workshop is given in the “Overview” module. The “Workshop Details” module provides further information about the specific content of the workshop, such as the date and venue of the workshop, the cost of the workshop, the participants, and other useful additional information.

Finally, the Citibank website offers a Citibank QQ program. The Citibank QQ program allows the user to register for any Citibank direct investing courses (CITI approved courses). Upon registration, a username and password are required. Upon logging to the citi website, a list of recent QQ applications (if any have been opened) and courses will be displayed.

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