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The PayPal Money Back MasterCard is issued by Synchrony bank, and customer support is handled by them. You must have a working PayPal account in order to use the card. Money back earned on the card is credited directly to your PayPal account.

The money back credit limit can be used up to once a month for up to $1000. The money back amount that you earn is based on the actual amount of money spent, so if your purchases were more than the credit limit, your money back amount will be less.

Most online merchants offer a merchant account for customers who purchase online with credit or debit card. If your merchant account allows you to earn a percentage of your purchases, you can set the percentage you want to earn. This percentage is paid to you in your PayPal payment. By setting your percentage, you are effectively earning cash back.

Merchants may also offer other reward programs, including cash rewards, merchandise rewards, travel rewards, gift cards and much more. To see what rewards are available for your account, visit the merchant account provider's website or call their customer support number.

The cashback program was initially designed to help merchants offset the cost of credit card processing. Today, the program is designed to give shoppers more opportunities to earn rewards while spending less at checkout. Some cashback programs also include a rebate check sent right to your email address after your purchase. In some cases, these check can be used as a travel voucher, too.

While there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn using the PayPal Cashback program, the more you spend on your purchases, the more cashback you'll receive. So even if you don't feel like using the cashback program you may still want to keep this option open. For example, you may want to use it if you want to maximize your rewards or to ensure you're receiving your reward check in a timely manner.

To use the PayPal rewards, you must register for the PayPal account and follow the directions included in . . . . . . the offer. It usually takes two to three days to receive your cashback check. Some of the rewards offered by PayPal include:

PayPal cashback reward program is one of the best ways to earn rewards while saving money. For many people, the cashback program is one of the best ways to earn rewards while saving money.

While it's a free way to earn rewards, you will pay a one time fee to register for the cashback program. Although, you won't get to redeem your reward check until you've paid your one-time registration fee. You also may be subject to a one-time fee when you're first enrolling in the program, but the fees vary from one credit card issuer. The fees you may incur are minimal compared to the rewards.

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