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One email said that a customer had received an email from Amazon requesting that they open an Amazon account with a credit card. Synchronicity Bank, an online financial institution, is apparently creating alarm among its customers.

“Amazon has already heard of a customer complaint regarding a mailing that was sent to some customers in error,” an Amazon spokeswoman told Business Insider. “Other inquiries can be sent directly to Synchronicity Bank.” The bank has also issued a statement claiming it had received a fraudulent email and is investigating the matter. Synchronicity Bank could not be reached for comment.

The email from Amazon said that an Amazon account will be provided for anyone who opens a credit card account with the company. Customers should contact Amazon Customer Service or the Amazon Payments Center for more information on how to get an account, according to the email. A customer service representative is reportedly available 24 hours a day to answer questions about the Amazon account and other accounts offered by the company.

Synchronicity Bank, a Utah-based company, offers online services like bill paying and savings accounts, as well as checking accounts and electronic transfer services. The company, founded in 1996, was one of the first banks to offer a credit card service, but has since stopped issuing cards.

Synchronicity Bank offers two types of accounts – checking accounts and ATM cards, and it charges a low fee for ATM transactions. It charges $4.95 a month to open a checking account and a minimum of $2.75 to open an ATM card.

Synchronicity Bank does not charge an annual fee and is licensed with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Its website also shows that the bank is approved to do business with all 50 states and territories. The website does not appear to have any links to an 800 number.

The bank has its own website, where it lists all its services, including online banking and phone banking. It also offers a link for people to sign up for e-mail newsletters and a link for customers to sign . . . . . . up for its free email alert service.

Synchronicity Bank's customer service representatives are very helpful, and they provide a toll free number for answering inquiries. The website also provides customers with online banking instructions. Synchronicity Bank has also developed a number of applications, which it has made available for download on its site.

It also provides a link to its website where customers can sign up for email alerts, customer service alerts, and help for online customer service requests. It offers a FAQ section, and customer feedback forms.

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