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EB3 priority dates have now been announced for all European Union countries except India and Mexico. For non-EU countries, the EB3 Priority Date will be January 1, 2020.

The EB3 Priority Date will be made available to the public in advance of the general public. As a result, all candidates in the UK who want to obtain an EB7 (or an EB5) should start looking for an agency at least three weeks before the date. The date is also a good time for candidates with passports from a country that does not have a visa requirement for work in the UK.

The EB3 Priority Date is a special opportunity for those who want to work in the UK and for the UK government to provide an increase in the number of visas it issues to skilled workers. There will be a cap on the number of EB visas issued annually and they will be restricted to the most popular occupation. There will be no reduction in the eligibility criteria and no exceptions. There will also be restrictions on the number of spouses you can bring into the UK if you want to bring a partner.

You need to apply to work in the UK by the EB priority date to get a EB7 (or an EB5) visa. This will ensure that your application is processed quickly so that you can start working in the UK as soon as possible. If you do not apply to work in the UK on the date of the EB priority date, you may still be able to bring your spouse into the country but you will have to leave the country when they arrive.

The deadline for applying to work in the UK depends on your nationality. However, if you are already working in the UK and you plan to apply for an EB7, you can apply in any time. In this case, you may need to get a letter from your employer stating that you have applied to work in the UK by the EB priority date so that your paperwork can be sent in by the deadline.

Once you get the paperwork sent out, the next step is to wait until the EB date. This will depend on the immigration rules in the country where you live. Depending on the rules of the country, you will either have to start applying for your visa right away or you will have to wait for a few days until you get an answer back from the UK Border Agency.

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