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What you need is a payment icon set that you can use for your own websites. These icons are the small images that you see on your websites that let you know what payment option is being offered, when a user is making a payment, or if they are interested in making a payment on the website. By using this icon set, it is easier to identify these images as you will have a common background color and font that you can apply to the rest of your website content.

You can create your own icon with the use of several free icons found on the internet and download them from the internet so you can use them for your payment icon set. If you are not a computer literate, you can get the free icons for free and just paste them into your favorite graphics program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Once you have all of your images saved into the program, you can then use the program to create a few different types of icons. You will only need two of them but it is recommended that you have as many as three.

The first icon that you will need is the default icon that you will use on every page of your site. It will also work for your web forms and your payment buttons, so you do not have to create more icons. After you have your logo set up, you can then move on to creating the various other icons that you need for your payment icons set.

One icon that you may be using for the payment button on your website is the bar code icon. You can find this icon by going to Google and doing a search on the web for payment icon set and click on the second result. Once you have found your icon, all you have to do is copy and paste the image into a text file that you have on your computer, save it and then change the font and size so that it looks nice on the page where you are going to display the icon.

Another icon that is very useful to have on your website is the text input icon. This icon will allow your visitors to input their information on the web page that they are making a . . . . . . payment on. You will want to make sure that you are using a large font and have the text inputting function turned on so that the text is readable.

You will also need another icon for your order button on the page where your customers will place an order, or for your contact form on the bottom of the page. If you do not have one of these icons, you can make your own icon by finding a similar icon in a free online icon gallery and using it as your own. Once you have created your icon set, you will be able to use your icons for your website to make your website look professional and increase its exposure by having an eye-catching icon set that you can use in your website and your ecommerce websites.

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