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Apple Credit Card is introduced by Apple Inc. as an exclusive virtual card which can later on be converted into a traditional credit card by paying few points. With the new Apple Titanium Card, you receive instant notification of cashless spending by using locations, accept all transactions through your Face ID or fingerprints, and not restricted to any specific place.

In order to purchase an Apple Card with Apple ID, one has to have a valid email address, i.e., he needs to open a free account with Apple. He should provide his name, address and passport for verification purposes. The card will be linked to the user's account. After activation, an electronic statement will be sent to the user's email address. An online portal can be accessed from which one can manage his card.

The Apple Card is issued through any retail store that accepts them. An activation code is given to the user after making an application online. However, the user can also choose to get the card at an offline retail store. There are certain limits and restrictions in this regard. Before using an online card, one has to ensure that there is no charge on his card when he wants to make a withdrawal from ATM. He must also ensure that the bank or financial institution issuing the card is a member of the Association of International Bank Accounts.

The Apple Card is backed by an AIG (American International Group), an association of the leading banks and financial institutions. With an AIG card, the consumer gets more security features like identity theft protection, two-step verification, and other features. It is easy to use and provides convenient features, and also is accepted by almost every retail store. You need to visit the online website to make a purchase for it.

It is important to know that the Apple Card price varies according to the bank where you have applied for it. The rate is charged on top of the normal rate of the bank. It is always advisable to shop around and compare the rates of various stores for an accurate . . . . . . Apple Card price.

One needs to understand how this new Apple Card works in detail. to come to a better decision regarding purchasing the card. One can use the internet to read the article about it. One must also check the available online resources and review the user reviews for more information on this card.

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