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The Amex Platinum Card, sometimes called the Amex BlackCard, is a special invitation-only credit card issued by the American Express Corporation. An invite is usually extended only to Platinum Cardholders after they fulfill certain criteria, usually by having a credit account and at least a couple of years of regular on-time payments. The Platinum Card comes in various personal, business, corporate, and business accounts.

To be eligible for the American Express Platinum Card, you must be an adult with a valid U.S. Social Security Number, a current checking account, and a savings or checking account in the same name. You may also need a credit card that accepts international currency, such as the MasterCard or Visa, if your cards do not accept all the currencies of the country where you live.

There are many business cards that will offer you the option of using the card in your name alone. However, many of these cards have extremely high annual fees. This is because in order to use the card in your name you must provide the name and address of the business as well as a social security number.

In order to apply for the American Express Platinum Card, you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and follow the instructions provided in the FAFSA. In addition to completing the FAFSA you should also complete the Annual Credit Report Request forms if you have not already done so.

Once you submit your applications to the FAFSA agency and submit your credit report, you should wait one full calendar year before requesting a copy of your credit report from each credit bureau. You can request a copy of your credit reports from each bureau once every twelve months. You may also wish to request a credit report periodically from a credit monitoring service. A credit monitoring service will check the report regularly for errors and disputes and will alert you if any changes in the information are found.

Credit reporting agencies cannot deny or correct your credit report. They are only required to make you aware of any errors in your report. If the error is corrected, then your account is marked as “corrected” and the credit rating is adjusted accordingly.

The Credit card accounts will not affect your credit score. All accounts with the credit bureaus are listed on your statement or on your credit report. Therefore, your . . . . . . accounts will appear in chronological order on your statement.

If you are denied, you should immediately request a copy of your credit report and dispute the issue with the credit reporting agency. If you are approved you will need to pay an annual fee and a balance transfer fee.

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