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If you are looking for a card that is not only good for the purpose of rewards, but also has features that will give you some added convenience, then you should look for the Sears CC card. This card comes from the famous discount retailer and offers a variety of benefits that will definitely appeal to every shopper. The main advantage of this card is that you make additional 1X point on Shop Your Way rewards when you pay with your card, extra 4X point on Kmart rewards when you pay using the card, and also earn double point on Sears purchases. This card also comes with a low APR, so you will definitely have more than enough incentive to use this card for your shopping needs.

Aside from the perks that this card offers, there are other features that you should consider. For instance, if you have a MasterCard or Visa card, you will not be able to get this card because of their terms and conditions. However, you will be able to get this card with an American Express card or a Discover card. Furthermore, this card does not come with a low APR because it comes with a higher annual percentage rate.

If you want to get this card without having to pay an annual fee, you may apply for a Sears card. You just need to provide the Sears name as a business contact and a valid SSN number. If you have a business that is affiliated with Sears, you will be able to get your rewards without paying an annual fee. However, if you have an independent retail business, you will need to pay an annual fee because this is what the merchant account fees are.

You can find different options that you have when it comes to these cards, which include the Sears logo or the store logo, the card number, the name of your card and even your name, the expiration date and the monthly limit. If you have a bank account, you can choose from prepaid or reloadable credit card. This card is accepted by all financial institutions, but you will need to be careful in choosing this card since it can be used for all purchases in the store.

Another advantage of the Sears CC card is the amount of rewards you will get for shopping. You can choose from gas, food, grocery, entertainment, home improvement, and department store credit, and even cash back rewards and more. You can choose to use the money that you have saved up over the course of the month for other things that you want to purchase, or to make purchases.

On top of this, the monthly limit that you can earn depends on the card you have chosen. The maximum limit that you will earn per month is $3000, so you can choose the one that offers you the most money for the least amount of money.

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