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Discover Card Payment Services providers supporting ecommerce merchants worldwide to accept Discover cards as form of payment. AltaPay, the leader in payment service providers is now the leading provider allowing purchases for many of the world's biggest brands. SecuraPay is an online, mobile and cross-platform payment gateway which provides users and merchants easy and convenient card payment process.

SecuraPay card processing allows merchants to use card details in various ways such as accepting credit card payments at their retail outlets, accepting Discover cards at their own websites, and allowing customers to make card payments through the service in any way they choose. This makes it possible for merchants to offer services to their customers through a wider range of channels that would otherwise have been difficult and expensive to do.

Merchant accounts available from any leading bank or financial institution can be availed by cardholders and merchants alike. The merchant account is an important service that enables online merchants to make purchases with any Discover card, without needing to purchase and store physical cards.

Cardholders may use their card to make online purchases without having to provide a PIN number. Once the transaction has been approved and processed, the cardholder is automatically billed on an installment basis or on a monthly basis.

SecuraPay provides many other benefits to cardholders to enhance the processing of their Discover card payment service. Cardholders may receive online reports and alerts about their Discover card balance. Online merchants also can track sales, manage accounts, and perform other activities online. Merchants may also choose to provide their customers with payment cards through their websites, which may include secure connection options.

Cardholders will find it easier to process their Discover card transactions online. For more information about this service, including application procedures, select a website providing free, fast and secure processing.

Online business owners who accept Discover card payments will find the process to be easy. SecuraPay enables businesses to accept credit and debit cards through a secure gateway. Consumers can create an account with an online portal which provides them with a username and password that they need to login and access their account. They can then accept Discover cards at checkout for online purchases or they may choose to process the card online credit cards directly from their account.

The issuer of the card may offer an exclusive card for its cardholders. For example, American Express offers MasterCard and Visa cardholders a . . . . . . unique card which is used exclusively to make online purchases.

With the growth of the global economy, it has become much easier for merchants and cardholders to accept card payments. SecuraPay has designed a system which makes it easy for merchants to process online card transactions in many countries. Many businesses rely on a single processing network, which is known as AltaPay. which handles payment card transactions at multiple currency pairs.

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