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The American Express Black Card is a prepaid card issued by American Express to Platinum Cardholders. A Platinum Card holder is invited to use their card for purchases over a specific limit at specified merchants. The Centurion Card comes with different personal, corporate, and business variants.

This card has a higher interest rate than the other cards offered by the company. Cards with a higher interest rate are more expensive as compared to the ones with low interest rate. There are many credit card companies that offer Platinum Cards with lower interest rates and a higher reward scheme. But if you are looking for the best card, the Black Card is the one that you should consider.

You must keep in mind that this card is not like any other. In fact, you will get all the benefits offered by any other card but the fees and interest charged on this card are higher. If you are looking for a card that offers the same benefits of the Platinum card but at a lesser interest rate, this card is the right one for you. The other benefit offered by this card is that it comes with an annual fee. However, you can avail this benefit by paying the annual fee in advance and the balance amount can be paid in full at the end of the year.

As compared to other credit cards offered by the company, this card is more expensive. The main reason for this is the higher interest rate. Credit cards come with higher interest rates when the card holder is a new card holder. The card holders who have already used the card in the past have to pay the high interest rate on top of the higher interest rate on account of their earlier use. In addition, if you fail to make your monthly payments, the interest rate goes up.

It would not hurt to use this Black Card if you are a regular cardholder of the company. If you do not want to carry any other card, this card is worth considering. It offers . . . . . . the same benefits as other cards. The benefits include rewards like airline miles, cash back, and frequent flier miles. If you plan to go on a long-term vacation, this card would be a wise option.

You can also get these cards from the official websites of the company. You can read about the terms and conditions before you apply for a card.

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