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Sears, the largest of the American retailers, is going through a period of consolidation. A number of different financial issues have led to the company's current financial woes and its potential bankruptcy. In order to help you make sense of what has occurred, we've put together this short article on Sears' business model.

Sears is a giant, and with many of its big brand names still alive, it's still a formidable competitor in many ways. However, it's also one of the most threatened by a number of forces that are impacting large corporations around the world. These include competition from cheaper knock-off brands that are often less expensive than the originals.

Even bigger threats come from the same small companies who were able to lower their prices to great extents – but didn't have the overhead to support them. Many retail outlets today have been hit hard by these lower price imitations and their inability to sustain their operations. As a result, more consumers are looking to other stores to save money and that can mean more competition for smaller companies.

As a result, Sears is facing an uphill battle in restoring consumer confidence. The company is in danger of closing thousands of stores over the next several years, which will have a devastating effect on the employment and tax base of the region as a whole.

Although Sears is well established in the United States and Canada, it doesn't really own many stores internationally. As a result, it's not as strong in Europe or other global markets as it once was. There may be some hope for Sears as some of the European companies that are buying out the smaller shops are paying below market value – but even then, it's not clear how much of a return on investment they'll see.

It's no wonder that a company such as Sears is facing problems. The industry is facing some very dire realities as a result of the slowing down of global economies. In order for any retailer to continue to operate, it needs to have a solid financial foundation, and the problems facing it aren't good news at all. So, do take the time to read this short article on Sears and see what you can learn about what the company faces.

Sears is going to struggle to compete in a highly competitive marketplace. It has plenty of competition from the same small and low-cost manufacturers . . . . . . that are able to offer discount prices to customers. The company also has to contend with competitors that are focused on offering lower prices in order to attract customers, and have an edge in the store industry.

If you're looking for a place to get a home, you should look to a company like Sears. But if you want to get a good idea about what kind of competition you'll have when you do, you need to review the business section of your local newspapers and look for any articles on the company you're interested in buying from.

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