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Wells Fargo Propel Visa Card is another great travel rewards credit card with an exceptionally generous rewards sign up bonus. The card has a very good points structure with one of the largest bonuses of any card. Consumers earn 3% back points (or 3% cash rewards) for every single dollar they spend on their cards.

The card offers a wide variety of travel opportunities and a cash back program. The only limitation on the rewards is that the cardholder must pay their balance in full each month, but this is a minimal restriction and the card comes with a money back guarantee. The rewards and the money back guarantee do add up, but there are many other attractive aspects to the card as well.

It has no annual or cash out limit; therefore, the credit line is much bigger than the other cards. The interest rate on the cash advance cards is also much lower than other cash advance cards. The money back guarantee does not require any credit check either. The card comes with a 24-month payment plan and offers flexible terms. It is easy to use and the flexibility is especially nice for people who have jobs or can't afford to keep their finances under control.

The card comes with no yearly or monthly fee, so it is very reasonable to use as a credit card. The customer has the choice of using it on an as needed basis or for long term travel rewards programs. The credit limit is equal to that of the longest line of credit, which gives you the flexibility to pay the lowest amount possible.

The downside to using a credit card to pay for your airline tickets is that if the airline doesn't allow credit cards they will charge a higher rate on the ticket than if you pay cash. This is true with a lot of hotels as well. With the credit card's flexibility it makes the best choice for many people.

You can go online to Wells Fargo's website and find the Wells Fargo Propel Visa card or visit their web site. for more information.

If you want to get a card for your business, you should try to get one through your bank. A business account at Wells Fargo is easier to get than a personal account. The requirements are different and often your company must have been in operation for at least six months. Once you have gotten your business account you can apply for a card and the application process will be more straight forward.

Another reason for getting credit cards through your bank is that they give you better credit standing. You don't have to prove your income or be employed at the bank before they will approve you. You can have an account without showing your income but have your business . . . . . . details available when applying for your new card.

If you can't get a personal card from your bank then you may want to consider getting one from the bank that issued your checking account or other financial institutions. Some banks will give you a MasterCard if you show proof of employment.

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