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The release of the upcoming movie “Ally McBeal,” starring Meg Ryan as a smart-alecky secretary at a financial firm, will provide a nice opening to the release of “Ally McBeal” at the box office in the fall of 2020. In a very hot summer movie season, this one has the potential to become a big hit.

Meg Ryan is sure to take her role as the feisty secretary at a financial firm well, and she has been busy working on the script with screenwriter, David Levinson (The Perfect Storm). The idea of a female role model in this industry is important to everyone, especially in Hollywood. A role model with such strong qualities as being tough and determined can be invaluable to young girls. Ryan can easily be compared to current Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, yet there is one major difference: Rice worked at the UN in New York City while Ryan was at work as a secretary for an insurance company in Chicago.

In a movie like this, the strong leadership qualities of a female character are used for a very positive purpose: to show girls that they can be strong and tough and still have to make decisions that have a positive effect on society and the world. We have been taught that a strong woman must be strong and tough, but it can also be a good thing in business and a positive example to young women.

When you look at the numbers, credit card sales are down across the board, which is bad news for the businesses who offer cards to employees. This movie could help get the economy back on track and show us that not only can women be leaders but also men can be leaders if they know how to manage their time and focus on what is important.

Credit card sales should be up around the country this year, but they are down in some states. This film can show us that it isn't just the companies that suffer from these high costs, it is also the consumers.

In today's economy, we need a bit of relief from all the negative press. “Ally McBeal” gives us a great opportunity to see how to manage our money wisely, how to use our credit wisely and how to live within our means. This movie is a chance for the public to sit back and watch an inspiring leader like Meg . . . . . . Ryan take charge of their finances and live out the American Dream.

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