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The Wells Fargo custom card gives the consumer many great benefits. A well-known bank, Wells Fargo offers consumers the best rates and terms in the market. The bank has flexibility in their terms to offer their valued consumer the ability to upload their personal image to their application or can choose the picture from a preferred set of pre-approved backgrounds.

Well Fargo also has very specific guidelines for credit card consumers who wish to create their card using their picture. One-third of the card is reserved for the company's branding while, the other two-thirds are used for standard card requirements. So, consumers do not have to worry about the additional fees, hidden fees, and late payments associated with some of the other companies.

Customers should take care when using their card. Consumers should pay attention to the amount they put on the card each time. Most people will not even notice this, but if the customer leaves a balance on their card that exceeds the amount in their checking account, Wells Fargo could report the balance as overdraft and have the customer charged a high fine. Therefore, Wells Fargo makes a point to make sure the customer understands the impact their card will have on their overall finances.

When consumers select a photo to be displayed on their card, they may want to consider selecting their company's logo instead of a generic one. A company's logo will reflect on the customer and should reflect the company in a positive way. Consumers may also want to consider printing their company's logo and using the card for their everyday needs as opposed to using it as a travel card.

Well Fargo has developed a secure application process that allows consumers to view their personal information without a keylogger or a computer. This includes entering a password to gain access to the secured part of the application. Also, most banks will not allow a company to use a blank signature as their digital signature, so consumers should be aware of this if they are shopping online for their Wells Fargo cards. In addition, most banks will refuse to give any company access to the bank's customer service number or to sign up or call the customer.

Well Fargo customers can print their personal information on a pre-approved Wells Fargo card and apply to the bank without paying an annual fee. There are a few exceptions, such as if the customer already has a Wells Fargo card and has had their credit history checked by Wells Fargo. Most consumers find these fees to be reasonable as long as the customer uses the card in a . . . . . . responsible manner. The customer does not have to spend thousands of dollars on annual fees and other fees, but they may want to consider making sure the customer is aware of all the rules and regulations that apply to their particular situation.

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