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If you have ever been to South America or had the pleasure of traveling through Central America, then surely you have heard of Boa, also known as bone. Boa is situated in the Caribbean region of Central America. There are numerous resorts in Boa that cater to many different budgets. Boa has some of the most amazing beaches in all of Central America and is known for its rich culture. The people who live in Boa are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Among the major airlines servicing Boa are Air Canada, Air Mexico, Costa Cruises, Colombia's flag carrier LAN airline, and Interjet. Bank of America, also a major American banking and finance company. Boun Oum Air, a Laotian airline. Black Pine Airlines, an American fly-boy airline.

An interesting fact about Boa is that there is no airport in the city. This has caused a lot of travelers to flock to this wonderful place looking for a quick and easy airport transfer. There is, however, a new airport being constructed in Boa called Fazenda. This airport will provide a more convenient gateway for travelers to reach Boa. A number of tourists and people who work in Boa frequently use the Fazenda Airport because it is located less than a couple hours from Boa.

Another significant attraction that can be found at Fazenda is the Alvorada Air Force Base, which offers troops regular training exercises. Many tourists on flights to Boa also fly to the U.S. Several airlines also fly to nearby cities like San Jose, Punta Cana, and Santa Rosa.

When you arrive in Boa, there is nothing like a short drive up the coast to the sandy white beaches that make up this delightful resort town. The Chagres River is a popular spot for boating and water sports. There are also many fishing opportunities at this and other nearby beaches. Some of the most popular surf breaks are found at Espirito Santo, near Chagres, and at Salinas. Boating on the Chagres River is especially enjoyable from February to May when the surf is best.

Flying into Boa is rather simple and there are a number of cheap direct flights from Miami to the island. If you are interested in seeing some of the local culture of Boa, then flying on one of the . . . . . . domestic airlines that fly to Rio de Janeiro or S Paulo, Brazil may be your best bet. The direct flights to Brazil land at Ipanema International Airport and the transfers from there are usually fairly straightforward. From there, it is quite easy to head to your desired location. There are a large number of hotels in Boa so if you find yourself needing some additional space, then there is no shortage of choice.

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