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Walmart Capital One has been a hot topic in the last couple of weeks, after Walmart announced the retirement of their founder Sam Walton. The announcement came just weeks before Christmas, and many felt it would be a fitting time for the company to finally announce its demise.

As you might have expected, there was a great deal of reaction in the media to the announcement. Many people were upset with the fact that Walmart was able to leave their workers out of the decision-making process. This prompted some to begin calling on Walmart Capital One to be sold. Others suggested that the company might be headed for bankruptcy.

Now, though, Walmart has responded to the criticism and taken steps to make sure that all employees are happy with the decision. In a letter to shareholders released by the company, Walmart CEO Roger Travis made sure that everyone is happy.

In his letter, Travis indicated that the company's future will not be affected by the retirement of Mr. Walton. “Although we have received many calls from our associates regarding our retirement announcement, there are no indications at this time that we will face a reduction in headcount,” Travis wrote. Instead, he assured associates that they will continue to be an important part of the company's future, as long as they remain a valued member of the team.

In addition to this letter, Walmart sent out a letter to its employees, offering to pay off any outstanding loans by Christmas if they choose to do so. This comes as welcome news to many, as many feel as though they are owed their monthly paycheck.

Hopefully, Walmart will continue to make its business decisions in the best interests of its customers. If anything, however, this can help Walmart Capital One, as investors will be happier with the outcome.

The company will likely continue to make its own decisions on which locations to open and which to close. This is good news for anyone who wants to be a part of the success of the company, regardless of what they believe.

Walmart did not say which stores they will be opening this year. However, they did indicate that their main store in Bentonville will be open for business on January 15. In addition to that store, Walmart will be opening two additional stores in the near Memphis, Arkansas, both in Springdale and Nashville.

So, . . . . . . for those wondering how they plan to keep up with competition, Walmart Capital One is looking to expand its retail operations and increase its revenues at all of their locations. Whether they decide to sell the company is another question, but the results will certainly be well worth the investment.

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