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Many people use fake ATM cards to withdraw cash. These card readers are similar to fake credit card machines. The most important difference between fake and real card readers is that fake card readers have cameras and fake cameras also have audio recording capabilities. If you place your card in the fake card reader while you're withdrawing cash, it will steal your financial data.

Fake ATM skimmers are actual skimmers and cameras attached to an actual ATM. They can imitate the appearance of a real ATM and can be disguised in various ways. To prevent fraud, begin checking an ATM frequently for possible tampering before you actually use it.

Card readers that are disguised as a pen or pencil can be attached directly to an existing ATM. You just need to insert your credit card and the card reader takes care of the rest. Be sure to check the card reader for damage often. The best way to test it is to take out your credit card and insert it into the card reader only to see if it reads your credit card.

The card reader has two parts. It contains a keypad and an LCD screen. The keypad controls the operation of the reader. At first glance it may appear to be very basic but after you turn it on, you can tell that this is not a simple credit card reader. The keypad usually has a number of buttons that make up the ATM. One button is typically designated to accept and one button to reject a card.

The LCD screen may be colored to match the keypad, but it also has different keys programmed to make the machine work as if it was an actual ATM. Each button displays a message such as “Card accepted.” If the ATM does not accept a credit card, one of these keys will display the message “Wrong Key.” If you push a key, the ATM keypad will change into the correct key to operate the ATM as if it was an actual machine.

If you do a careful search online, you'll find that many of the sites selling fake card readers list their products as a “Card Reader”Card Reader For ATM.” They also list the keypads that they recommend. in fact are not an ATM and . . . . . . do not function like an actual card reader. The fake keypads are designed to look like the real keypads on ATM's but they don't function the same. The keypads contain different buttons for the operation of the ATM machine. To use the ATM as if it were an actual card reader you must replace the keypads with real keypads.

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