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Chase Cash Back offers a wide variety of rewards programs and products. In this article, I will show you the various offers they offer and which ones you need to look out for.

Chase Cash Back is a great incentive program for their clients. It is designed to reward consumers who use their services by offering them a percentage point bonus for every dollar they pay towards their credit card balance each month. If you carry a balance in your Chase card and pay it off each month, you will receive a one-time bonus that is equivalent to five percent of your credit card balance. This is a fantastic deal and one Chase Cash Back review site states “the only drawback to Chase Cash Back is that you have to actually use the card.”

The other two products available through Chase are Business Cash Rewards and Travel Rewards. Both of these products can be used in conjunction with each other in order to earn even greater rewards.

Business Cash is simply a reward for using their business credit cards for purchases made from your home office. You receive a five percent rebate on your purchases from your Chase business card, up to an amount equal to twenty-five percent of your card's total dollar limit. If you are a manager or have employees that use your business card, this is a fantastic benefit.

Travel Rewards is another product that allows you to earn rewards based upon travel. You will earn a reward point for each dollar that you charge to your Chase card and each time you charge five hundred dollars or more on your card. These points can be used to earn air miles, hotel stays and rental cars when traveling, but the point system is a little more complex than Business Cash's.

There are several other rewards programs that Chase offers. These three are the most common, so if you haven't looked into them, you might want to start considering applying.

Chase Cash Back also has a rewards program designed to attract new customers, which is referred to as Chase Loyalty Rewards. The Loyalty Reward program provides you with five percent cash rebates on any purchase that you make from your Chase account. The only requirement for . . . . . . becoming a customer to receive the benefits is that you spend at least $50 each month on your Chase card.

Chase does have another incentive that you can receive through their rewards programs called Chase Advantage. This rewards program allows you to earn a certain percentage of the cost of any airline ticket purchased from them, which is called Airline miles. The benefit is usually applied automatically, meaning that all that you have to do is redeem your airline miles.

The above are the most commonly available rewards programs offered through Chase but there are still more available. Check out their website to see what other rewards they offer.

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