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A few years ago, Sears issued several different cards, one for each product line they offer. Then, about five years ago, the company decided that they were not making any money by not taking other major credit cards such as MasterCard and therefore decided to issue a special MasterCard called the Sears MasterCard. Now, you must be wondering how the company made money with these cards and the answer lies in the way the cash registers operate.

Like most major stores, when you order something with the Sears MasterCard you have to pay with your card or they will hold your money until you do so. In the past, the cash registers used to just give you a printout receipt so you would just have to pick it up and leave. You could then simply cash in your receipt so that you would have to take the amount you paid for and then you would have to go over the receipt and check to see if there was a balance left over, which was likely if there wasn't any. The cash register is just now getting automated and now only has a small line waiting for you to come out and pay.

This cash register system is great if the product you are trying to sell has only a few dollars in price, but when you start getting more expensive merchandise you will find that the cash register line can fill up quickly if you don't know what is available in your store or what is not available. Also, you may have customers that are willing to pay full price but not happy with the item that they bought because it was not what they had in mind when they came in. These people are the ones who will end up paying full price for your product and if you don't have an automatic cash register you will have to manually check out each customer, manually count the total of each purchase, and then manually deposit their money.

When using this type of cash register, your cashier will want to have a person that can go through your paperwork and verify that you are the owner of the product, not someone . . . . . . who is just going to write down a few numbers in their wallet and put the card in the cash register. The cashier is there to help you and not to scam you. If you need the cash register to do that, then you are asking for trouble and you should not have a cashier that doesn't check items out before they are billed. by the credit card.

One of the best things about all of this great customer service cash registers is that they can be programmed to give you detailed reports on the sales of your items. This way you can see what people are buying, how many purchases you made, and what products are selling the best, and how many people are buying them as well. These types of reports are also great for running the business more efficiently because you can see which product lines are having a big sale and which products are going bad or aren't selling that much. This is something you cannot see if you have a paper or manual cash register.

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