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If you are an Amex Gold Member, the chances are that your card will come with a unique and attractive card holder called an Amex Icon. These special holders are an excellent choice for keeping your credit card safe and secure, as well as allowing you to keep your credit card details protected while still displaying your brand or logo. If you use your credit card a great deal, consider purchasing one of these special Amex holders and you will enjoy all the benefits that come along with them without any of the extra costs that you might otherwise incur.

Most business Amex cards feature a plastic credit card holder that is made of heavy duty metal, usually silver or gold. Typically, these holders are made of a thick plastic material that is secured by a clasp and are designed to be very sturdy and hard wearing. The material can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, leather, glass, fabric, and even paper.

An important aspect of these plastic card holders is the fact that they often come with a locking mechanism that makes it impossible to open by hand. The locking mechanism on these Amex card holders makes the card difficult to remove, preventing the thief from being able to steal information about your card. Additionally, these holders often come with an extra locking mechanism for added security, too.

Another nice feature of this type of card holder is that they are available in many different styles. You can choose a simple black and silver design for a basic card holder, or you can also choose something that features a unique and stylish design. You may want to go with a design that includes your business name or logo.

Whether you purchase your card holder online, or at your local office supply store, you will find that it comes in a variety of styles and colours. Your card holder should be suitable for any occasion and will make it easy for you to keep your personal and business credit card details safe and sound. As well as this, they can be a very attractive and eye catching item that you can proudly display at a business meeting or social event. Whether you need a holder for your credit card or you simply want one to store . . . . . . your cash, you are sure to find a very attractive holder when you are looking around.

So if you are an Amex Gold member, and you use your card a great deal, consider purchasing an Amex icon and you will enjoy all the advantages that come along with them. You will have your choice of many different styles, colours and designs, and will never have to worry about losing your money, or your credit details in the case of theft.

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